Well What About Me?

by Daddydinorawk

My laptop is a magnificent POS, kind of like a long lost brother you have never met that has no hands to shake if you could shake his to say hello. The keyboard is broken. I had to buy one for $20 on Amazon, now that is starting to break. I am going to have to go Bluetooth.


Hi, my favorite album is Animals by Pink Floyd and my favorite song is Black Napkins by Zappa. I mourned the recent death of Rik Mayall by watching a Fistful of Travelers Cheques every night for a week. My son loves Dinosaurs now even more than he loved Thomas two years ago. Hence my Nom de Blog here. I like classic Rock type music, if it was recorded before 1982 I probably love it or if I haven’t heard it probably do love it in absentia. I wont listen to Boston though. Not intentionally. If I hear it on the radio I might not turn it off immediately. Thats how much I love them. More Than a Feeling..ugh, wait a minute, what a chorus. Why do I hate myself?


I’m going to write something else, just give me a minute. Or a Year. If you never read anything on this site ever again it’s not becuase I don’t still like you. It won’t be you, it’ll be me.

Next post will have something else to do with radio and a song that made me love radio again. In fact, that post will actually the first one I intended to write once I decided to finally decide to create this blog.

So, I’d like to thank all the brothers in rock that I’ve been reading lately to push my decision to create a blog, they know who they are if they don’t know how much they have inspired me.

So I Thank them and maybe I will write that post I meant to write. I also want to thank my partner in life and my wonderful 4 year old boy. I didn’t get where I am today.